Welcome to Sonic City Studios - a state-of-the-art audio production facility located in the heart of Amsterdam. Based within music makers center Q-Factory, Sonic City Studios intends to bring musicians and artists together; to facilitate them; and offer them the full package within this music hub. We see it as our mission to create an atmosphere that is welcoming, inspiring and open-minded!

Our Neve VR60 room is a 100sqm control room with ideal acoustics. Monitoring is done via PMC IB2S, Genelec 1030As and Yamaha NS-10s. It has a full Avid HDX system with 48 channels in/out. The outboard gear includes a Neve stereo compressor, 2x Pultec EQP-IA3, 2x Distressors, 2x 1176, Binson Echorec, GML 8200, Lexicon 480&224, EMT Plate and much more.

Perfect for tracking and large mixes.

Our 48 channel SSL 8000 control room uses DynAudio M2s and Genelec 1031s for monitoring. Playback is done via the Antelope 32HD.

An ideal mix and production room.

The live room has all necessary instruments, from a Steinway B-piano, Leslie Hammond C3, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Gibson and Taylor guitars and Natal drums. We also have a vintage Vox AC-30, Ampeg B15 and more in our amp collection. We also have a large microphone collection which include U87s and a U47 FET.

About Sonic City

Sonic City Studios is a state-of-the-art audio production facility, with the highest standard and focused on full service, in the heart of Amsterdam. We see it as our mission to create an atmosphere that is welcoming, inspiring and open-minded; a place where our clients and artists feel comfortable working, where they can do their own thing and feel creative. It is key that technical issues should not be in the way of the creative process; the team at Sonic City Studios will take care of all this. Because we believe that in order to really be creative, people should not have to worry about any technical aspects within the studios.

We have chosen state-of-the-art recording & mixing hardware and software and have an incredible collection of high-end microphones and instruments. Why? So every sound is possible and to be a place where any sound can be created. From our internal professional team to the incredible pool of leading recording and mixing engineers, Sonic City Studios is committed to excellence in every aspect of music production.

The studio is located in the heart of the vibrant and historically international city of Amsterdam, based in Europe's largest music-makers centre, known as Q-Factory. This unique location breathes music. From artist management to rehearsal rooms and concert halls, the centre houses a variety of music related companies and spaces, offering a place for music professionals to network and collaborate with all the tools they need at hand.

Aside from being a fully equipped recording facility, Sonic City Studios also hosts the Amsterdam campus of the international music production school Abbey Road Institute - the educational initiative from Abbey Road Studios offering an Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering.


Sonic City Studios
Atlantisplein 1
1093 NE Amsterdam

+31 6 10 55 78 00